NOTE: please add links you think i/other readers might like in the comments, preferably with a short description. you’re welcome to shamelessly self-promote (or promote others), as long as the links aren’t peddling something i find offensive. and yes, i am afraid i *do have the last word.

aotearoa NZ

~ mars 2earth [short format news+views on what is happening in the maori politics of contemporary aotearoa nz]

~ reading the maps [responses to current affairs, nz history and poetry]

~ musings from aotearoa [robb kloss’ musings on life in/and the ruahine mountains]

~ introducing maori lifestyles [a visual-verbal snapshot of maori culture and contemporary maori lifestyles]

~ subversif poet [cheeky+political songs, much more fun live]

~ b-side beats [electronic/electrical sounds and music, often from found and recycled bits and pieces]

~ western park [online comic by timothy kidd]

~ dr. connie radar phd’s daily funnies

north east india

~ happy red rooster [one of my favourite poets, and 1/3rd of naked and in love]

~ mizo writing in english [a collection of mizo writing in english, run by calliopia]

~ a year to myself [a fascinating ‘outsider’ look into semi-rural mizoram]

~ bamboo souls [north east indian culture+blogroll]

rest of  india

~ zozem [poetry+prose from mesjay, in english and mizo]

~ dissenting evangelical [rants/videos/songs from ta’fxkz, ex frontman for bengaluru band grubby halo]

~ life rules [poems+photos+recipes+etc from gauri gharpure]

~ learning to live [fairly varied blog stuff from blind dayze (also template tweaker and logo designer for feddabonn)]

~ ellipsis [photos+poems]

~ yezdi diaries [unapologetic gear head art from an unapologetic gear head]


~ peddled pennings part 1 and part 2 [blog documenting-ish a remarkable cycle trip from bangkok to ulaan bataar]

~ cambodia calling [a singaporean’s move to cambodia in an attempt to make trade fair]

~ soul sphincter [eclectic and sometimes academic blog from an australian studying and teaching in sweden]

~ thought storage [links+videos]

~ pudgy indian 3 [news+views on contemporary american politics from a native american perspective]

~ ratboy’s anvil 2 [news+views on contemporary american politics from a non-republican(?) perspective]

~ the daily g [general topics, thoughtfully presented]

art & politics

~ radical cross stitch [seriously subversive stitching]

~ art threat [political art, cultural policy, and contemporary media issues]

~ groundswell collective [critical cultural production at the intersection of art and activism]

~ anti-advertising agency [calls into question the purpose and effects of advertising in public space]

~ street arse [new zealand street art & graffiti archive]

~ maraa [media and arts collective based in bengaluru, india]

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