One of the stranger things I have done recently (other than speaking at a Rotary Club breakfast!) was offering to stalk someone online for two weeks and give them 5 comic book recommendations at the end of it. Only on Twitter, eh?

@feddabonn DO IT!!!!! Librarian powers activate!!!

— Beth Loves Bollywood (@bethlovesbolly) July 20, 2013

So here is what I recommended, based on what seems to be a love of drama and storytelling. I also thought I saw a lean towards strong female characters, and the bold bollywood style and art. I am hoping I’ll get a response from her reading of these, and maybe refine the recommendations.

@bethlovesbolly 1. Bahadur, particularly if you can get the early ones from the 80s+90s. Very unique art style.

— baruk huruwheua (@feddabonn) August 9, 2013

@bethlovesbolly 2. Kari, by Amruta Patil. Contemporary Bombay/Mumbai, explores relationships

— baruk huruwheua (@feddabonn) August 9, 2013

@bethlovesbolly 3. Habibi, Craig Thompson. Problems, but worth reading. Interesting art style.

— baruk huruwheua (@feddabonn) August 9, 2013

@bethlovesbolly 4. Persepolis 1+2, Marjane Satrapi. Worth reading-watching in succession

— baruk huruwheua (@feddabonn) August 9, 2013

@bethlovesbolly 5. Devi, Samit Basu. Superhero story, but interesting contemporary Bollywood style art (I thought)

— baruk huruwheua (@feddabonn) August 9, 2013

I enjoyed this assignment very much, both for the need to think through my increasingly obsessive comic book reading, and for the social media inspired situation that one would almost never find oneself in elsewhere…getting permission to stalk someone.

I see this as an application of what Hamish Lindop refers to as the ‘buying presents’ approach to finding library services for our communities. And Matt (of Finch fame), has also spoken of a fascinating personalised book recommendation service (bibliotherapy) offered by Alain de Botton’s School of Life. Maybe this could be a Secret Santa gift library customers could use and enjoy!

This game I like. Anyone else want to play?

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  1. happyredrooster:

    The comic book industry too is about marketing, no? :-)

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