and a bottle of v

i’m endlessly delighted by the potential for magic in the perfectly mundane, the inherently boring, the everyday predictable. all it seems to take is the desire to look again, and again, and again. ‘normal’-ness is such a thin veneer to the surprising inner character of things. so listen hard to the syncopated tattoo the train beats on the rails, and watch for how the sunshine can light up even the most dreary window…and you’ll be ‘right.

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  1. Zualteii:

    Def interesting!

  2. peer gynt:

    this is so wonderful. i love it! and its just what i needed to come across. thank you! :))

  3. baruk:

    it is, isn't it? got quite excited when i looked through the camera-phone!

  4. baruk:

    glad you liked it peer. thank the train and the sunshine and the v!