under the party tree

around this time last year we had the end of year christmas picnic at hamilton north school, where i was a relieving teacher aide for a while. 2009 was the first time i had any extended contact with intellectually disabled children, and i was coming to the end of that experience. it was almost gratifying to see the kids, most with ASD, just as messy and with an appetite for pizza and ice cream as any other kids i know. i started my time with the RDA (through which i later got work with the school) with much ‘pity’ for these children…i left  with the very strong realisation that they needed no pity, just acceptance. and maybe, as all of us probably do, some patience.

conspirational aside: yes, the tree in the picture is *the party tree.

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  1. Calliopia:

    Guess that's both good and bad news in one. And hey, "intellectually disabled"… I think most of my students are just that too!

  2. neisha:

    tortured remains??…..lol…….reminds me of how our planes look after a flight:)……battlezone-like!……interesting experience u've had with these children…and yes…..they could teach us a thing or 2:)

  3. baruk:

    lmao. correcting exam papers, are we?

  4. baruk:

    welcome t feddabonn, neish!

    definitely battle zone. i loved my time with them, and have some serious respect for peeps that take it up as a long term career!